Meet Amy!

Even though the doors at RAM closed a month later she has continued her workout routine with our online cycle fusion classes.

“The initial adjustment was challenging. I have three daughters, who go everywhere with me. So when the restrictions began and we had to explain to them why we couldn’t do things the way we were used to, it took them a little bit to understand. Not being able to see their cousins, grandparents and friends was a big challenge.”

Amy says she is lucky to have a lot of inspirational people in her life. “My parents, sisters and brothers. My husband, our daughters and his family. They all keep me going, help me to stay positive. My friend Jessica was a huge inspiration when this all began. She kept me motivated and held me accountable.”. “I didn’t really know anyone, but the encouragement and positivity that everyone showed each other (at 6am even) was really uplifting, and nice to be a part of.”

Amy’s long term goals after covid19 is to just stay consistent and continue to challenge herself in new ways. Also to maintain her fitness schedule by planning ahead. Amy commits to the 3 fusion classes a week and continues to be active daily while keeping it fun for her girls.

What Amy enjoyed the most about RAM was she was new to spin and felt welcome right away. “Ryan immediately found alternatives when the gym was closed and keeps me accountable with emails, texts and check ins. Ash is really amazing to follow as well. She has a very healthy and positive relationship with fitness and nutrition. I’m happy to be a part of such a great group of people.”

We are glad to have you as part of our RAMFAM Amy! Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to allow us to help you on your fitness journey!

Teresa has been part of the RAMFAM for 5 years now! You can find Teresa at our 6am classes weekly and also on the weekends if she’s not organizing a daycare. Teresa is a good sport and participates in all of RAMS challenges throughout the year. She is a March Madness Champ and I’m sure has won a few others.

We wanted to know what her biggest challenge has been during this time:

Theresa said her biggest challenge since Covid 19 has been maintaining a new normal. Continuing to workout daily from home without being able to go to RAM.

The positives Theresa has taken from this time would be spending more quality time with family. Appreciating the little things in life that we tend to take for granted. Staying mentally fit through exercise and taking the time for a daily walk outdoors.

“There are many people in my life who inspire me in different ways. My children and husband inspire me to be the best that I could be. RAM inspires me to leave all my stress behind and focus on positivity. My family and friends inspire me to live life to the fullest.”

Theresas’ long term goals after Covid 19 would be to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, go on family vacations and enjoy life to the fullest.

“I maintain my fitness schedule by being consistent with my workouts. I find beginning my day with the 6:00am Online workout works best for me.”

We asked Theresa what she likes the most about RAM, and she told us:

“I never felt comfortable joining a gym until I was introduced to RAM. To me RAM is not a gym it is my happy place. This is where I am pushed outside my comfort zone by not only the coaches but others who workout alongside me. Great friendships are made there and we push each other to be the best we can be. RAM is like family and they go out of their way to make sure we are meeting all our goals.”

Thank you Teresa for being a committed, consistent and loyal member to the RAM Family. We love seeing you at 6am every morning. You are an inspiration to many through your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle! Keep up the great work!

Lisa Maltby

Since COVID-19, Lisa stated that the biggest challenges were trying to stay well mentally and making sure she gets enough movement throughout the day – between working full time and home schooling. She finds that there is a lack of regular movement since no longer walking around at work, taking the stairs, and music activities throughout her pre-covid life.

Lisa is enjoying having more family time and she has learned so much about what her kids have learned in school and she can see their progress more now that she’s involved and hands on each day.

Lisa sticks to a strict workout schedule with online classes and online coaching, as well handles her nutrition by scheduling everything into a calendar to make sure she sets aside time to get it all in. Lisa makes her family go for walks each evening so that everyone is up and active.

Her family is her inspiration. Her oldest son Thatcher loves running and is already showing great speed at the age of 7. Her youngest son Sawyer has Cerebral Palsy and he has so much perseverance – he will not give up and will do anything he sets his mind to. She says he is her super hero. She strives to be strong enough for those times where he gets tired and she wants to ensure she will be there for him for as long as he needs her.

Lisa is definitely a super hero too!

Meet Kyle Jones! Kyle started with us in January 2020 looking to make a change in his lifestyle and he has done just that over the past 6 months.

We asked him what his challenge has been since COVID: It has been maintaining structure and balance in my life between my business, my kids, and being able to stay committed to living a healthy lifestyle in the form of training and eating habits.

Who is his inspiration? I would have to say my Mom and my family inspire me the most. My Mom is in her 60’s and is in phenomenal shape (She is a faithful RAM member). She runs religiously everyday no matter what the weather conditions are, and takes her personal health and wellness very serious. She does it quietly, and has achieved some things that I know she is proud of as she should be, and there’s no doubt in my mind she’ll continue to keep on as she is to stay as young and healthy as possible. My family also inspires me in many different ways: they allow me to maintain a hectic schedule outside of my home life, and know that my biggest joy is being a coach, and a Dad. They inspire me to keep healthy and active habits so that I can continue to be there for them.

Kyle has maintained his fitness schedule by planning! “I am a very big believer of planning. Time management has always been a strength of mine, and with a busy schedule I need to be organized in order to stay on track of my fitness. I have a day planner and every Sunday I actually write down my fitness schedule in detail as to what I’m doing each day for the upcoming week ahead. That allows me to stay disciplined with my schedule.”

Kyles favourite part of RAM is the overall atmosphere of the membership along with the knowledge and attention to detail given by the coaches. “I’ve worked closely with Ryan since January and he understood my long-term goals and intentions that I had in order to make a lifestyle change. He has consistently helped me stay disciplined and achieve some short term goals with the goal of sustaining this lifestyle change as a long term plan.”

Lil Silvano

“Ryan and Alysia have created an environment where you don’t feel like another member ... you feel like you belong there.”

What do you enjoy about R.A.M.?

R.A.M. provides a very friendly and inviting environment and definitely motivates me to work hard! The variety of classes certainly keeps it interesting. Each instructor ensures variety from exercise type to song choice … not one class is the same as the last. Classes can be as challenging as I want and need them to be. Alysia and Ryan’s energy certainly motivate me to reach my limits… something I know I would not do on my own.

What keeps you coming back to R.A.M.?

I love that no class is the same. Each one challenges me in a different way which keeps me interested and motivated. The variety of classes encourages me to try new things and accomplish new goals. Personal training, Small Group, Cycling, TRX and now Yoga – I love ‘Em All!

The atmosphere is amazing. It is always fun and never competitive. It feels like a family each time I go. Everyone is so friendly and we all encourage each other. Ryan and Alysia have created an environment where you don’t feel like another member … you feel like you belong there.

How has your experience at R.A.M. changed your life?

It’s given me “Lil” time. It’s the place I go when I need a break from the stresses that life can bring. It has definitely made me focus on a better work/life balance. I always feel better after a class and feel more energized and ready for what life has to bring. Oh, did I mention it has also improved my wardrobe… bringing Lolë to SSM … Thank you R.A.M.!

I have met so many wonderful people who also motivate me to get there for 6am (something that I would have never done over a year ago). R.A.M. has also influenced change in my children… Samantha and Erik love the classes with Alysia on Saturdays which has helped them realize the importance of health and see why their mom loves to go so much.

Kathy Palombi

“R.A.M. is never intimidating or judgmental”

What do you enjoy about R.A.M.?

I enjoy the friendly, professional atmosphere which is never intimidating or judgmental but rather always positive with plenty of encouragement!

What keeps you coming back to R.A.M.? 

The variety of fitness classes, especially the fabulous cycle classes!

How has your experience at R.A.M. changed your life?

I have become more disciplined with respect to regular and varied fitness activities in my week. Ryan & Alysia and staff offer lots of friendly fitness advice and regularly come up with new ideas and fun fitness challenges!

Carolyn & Kenny Webb

“You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!”

What do you enjoy about R.A.M.?

We enjoy the friendly, welcoming staff and the closeness amongst its members. We are always shown the proper movements and never feel out of place.

What keeps you coming back to R.A.M.?

With both of us coming at the same time we can spend time together – it’s like a mini vacation. As our bodies get stronger, our confidence grows. We don’t hesitate to try new things. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

How has your experience at R.A.M. changed your life?

After coming for over two years, the exercise has made us stronger and has given us a healthy lifestyle. Being a member of R.A.M. family, with its positive uplifting environment, is also great for our mental health.

Denise Van Eldert

“I’ve lost 65 pounds in 6 months. The Healthy Way.”

Recently R.A.M. Fitness asked me to write a testimonial on my experience here at R.A.M. to date. I readily agreed. To start at the beginning, I am 58 years old and have done the yo-yo dieting journey for years. Consequently, June 2, 2015 found me weighing in at 270 pounds. My co-workers were talking about RAM and the trainers here. I called that day, met Ryan, and discussed my goals. We devised a fitness plan – I see him 3 days a week for personal training and do cardio on the other days. I write everything I eat and Ryan diligently checks my food log. I now weigh in at 205 pounds. I’ve lost 65 pounds in 6 months. The Healthy Way. Just recently– I tried the cycle and strength class. I enjoy the biking and feel this adds another element to my training.

I have to thank Ryan for being attentive and caring – he has never missed a morning session. I am accountable and Ryan holds me to it. I enjoy the atmosphere, cleanliness, and smaller groups. I also feel both Ryan and Alysia show dedication in ensuring their clients, friends and co-workers lead healthy lifestyles. It is their belief. I am entering my second stage. I would like to lose another 50 pounds. I will continue on my health journey. It is a lifelong commitment. And R.A.M. fitness will be there for me all the way.