Lil Silvano

“Ryan and Alysia have created an environment where you don’t feel like another member ... you feel like you belong there.”

What do you enjoy about R.A.M.?

R.A.M. provides a very friendly and inviting environment and definitely motivates me to work hard! The variety of classes certainly keeps it interesting. Each instructor ensures variety from exercise type to song choice … not one class is the same as the last. Classes can be as challenging as I want and need them to be. Alysia and Ryan’s energy certainly motivate me to reach my limits… something I know I would not do on my own.

What keeps you coming back to R.A.M.?

I love that no class is the same. Each one challenges me in a different way which keeps me interested and motivated. The variety of classes encourages me to try new things and accomplish new goals. Personal training, Small Group, Cycling, TRX and now Yoga – I love ‘Em All!

The atmosphere is amazing. It is always fun and never competitive. It feels like a family each time I go. Everyone is so friendly and we all encourage each other. Ryan and Alysia have created an environment where you don’t feel like another member … you feel like you belong there.

How has your experience at R.A.M. changed your life?

It’s given me “Lil” time. It’s the place I go when I need a break from the stresses that life can bring. It has definitely made me focus on a better work/life balance. I always feel better after a class and feel more energized and ready for what life has to bring. Oh, did I mention it has also improved my wardrobe… bringing Lolë to SSM … Thank you R.A.M.!

I have met so many wonderful people who also motivate me to get there for 6am (something that I would have never done over a year ago). R.A.M. has also influenced change in my children… Samantha and Erik love the classes with Alysia on Saturdays which has helped them realize the importance of health and see why their mom loves to go so much.

Kathy Palombi

“R.A.M. is never intimidating or judgmental”

What do you enjoy about R.A.M.?

I enjoy the friendly, professional atmosphere which is never intimidating or judgmental but rather always positive with plenty of encouragement!

What keeps you coming back to R.A.M.? 

The variety of fitness classes, especially the fabulous cycle classes!

How has your experience at R.A.M. changed your life?

I have become more disciplined with respect to regular and varied fitness activities in my week. Ryan & Alysia and staff offer lots of friendly fitness advice and regularly come up with new ideas and fun fitness challenges!

Carolyn & Kenny Webb

“You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!”

What do you enjoy about R.A.M.?

We enjoy the friendly, welcoming staff and the closeness amongst its members. We are always shown the proper movements and never feel out of place.

What keeps you coming back to R.A.M.?

With both of us coming at the same time we can spend time together – it’s like a mini vacation. As our bodies get stronger, our confidence grows. We don’t hesitate to try new things. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

How has your experience at R.A.M. changed your life?

After coming for over two years, the exercise has made us stronger and has given us a healthy lifestyle. Being a member of R.A.M. family, with its positive uplifting environment, is also great for our mental health.

Denise Van Eldert

“I’ve lost 65 pounds in 6 months. The Healthy Way.”

Recently R.A.M. Fitness asked me to write a testimonial on my experience here at R.A.M. to date. I readily agreed. To start at the beginning, I am 58 years old and have done the yo-yo dieting journey for years. Consequently, June 2, 2015 found me weighing in at 270 pounds. My co-workers were talking about RAM and the trainers here. I called that day, met Ryan, and discussed my goals. We devised a fitness plan – I see him 3 days a week for personal training and do cardio on the other days. I write everything I eat and Ryan diligently checks my food log. I now weigh in at 205 pounds. I’ve lost 65 pounds in 6 months. The Healthy Way. Just recently– I tried the cycle and strength class. I enjoy the biking and feel this adds another element to my training.

I have to thank Ryan for being attentive and caring – he has never missed a morning session. I am accountable and Ryan holds me to it. I enjoy the atmosphere, cleanliness, and smaller groups. I also feel both Ryan and Alysia show dedication in ensuring their clients, friends and co-workers lead healthy lifestyles. It is their belief. I am entering my second stage. I would like to lose another 50 pounds. I will continue on my health journey. It is a lifelong commitment. And R.A.M. fitness will be there for me all the way.